One World Day Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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So you have never been to One World Day in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens before. Here’s what you need to know.

What is One World Day?

Since 1945, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation has celebrated One World Day in the Gardens. That makes August 23, 2015 the 70th annual One World Day. This annual event reflects the theme of the Gardens: “Peace through Mutual Understanding.”

One World Day is free, open to the public and has free parking.

The annual One World Day is the highlight of the busy calendar of summer events in the Gardens and the one occasion that all the Gardens get together to celebrate as one. Events include a Parade of Flags, a naturalization ceremony, cultural performances, entertainment, gardens exhibitors, authentic diverse ethnic food and more.

The 2015 One World Day on August 23, 2015 is also the official kickoff for the Centennial celebration of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

What is the Centennial celebration?

The first Cultural Garden was established in 1916, so 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of the Gardens. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation is working with the City of Cleveland to provide many events and activities. The Centennial celebration of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens officially began on One World Day August 23, 2015. Keep up to date by visiting

What is the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation?

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation (CCGF) is the group of volunteers who have created, maintained and improved the Gardens over the years. They have established a theme of the Gardens “Peace through mutual understanding” to showcase that Cleveland’s diversity can lead to peaceful coexistence.

For many decades, CCGF members have given their time, talent and treasure to build new gardens and raise funds to improve the gardens with new statues, monuments, plants and other features. They also do the mundane but necessary tasks like weeding and planting flowers – all for the love of their heritage and their City.

Where is One World Day?

The 70th annual One World Day on August 23, 2015 featured all of the gardens. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are part of Rockefeller Park and the 254 acres spans about 2 miles near University Circle. There are two main streets that have Gardens. The upper half is on East Blvd. starting at Superior Ave and going north past St Clair by the Cleveland Greenhouse. The lower half is on MLK Blvd. from just south of Superior going north past St Clair and toward the freeway. The Chinese Garden is also along MLK Jr. Blvd but located half way between Chester Avenue and East 105th, across from the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Wade Park Lagoon.

There will be activities in all the gardens but there will be 3 main stages – Near the north end of MLK at the Russian Garden, midway on MLK by the Latvian Garden and at the south end of East Blvd at the British Garden. See the map at

What will happen on One World Day?

There are dozens of fun activities for all ages. See the schedule of event at but there are a few not-to-be-missed highlights as follows.

Tell me about the Parade of Flags

A highlight of One World Day each year is the Parade of Flags. People in native costumes of dozens of country proudly march with that country’s flag. Bagpipes, drums, colorful costumes and more. The Parade will step off around noon near the British Garden on East Blvd and end up at the main stage on MLK. See the parade route at

What is the Naturalization Ceremony?

One of the most inspiring parts of One World Day is the Naturalization Ceremony. This year the Honorable Solomon Oliver, Jr. Chief Judge United States District Court Northern District of Ohio will preside over the ceremony which will feature the Oath of Citizenship for 25 people from countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, India, Macedonia, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Togo, Turkey and Ukraine. The ceremony will take place after the Parade of Flags at about 1:15PM at the main (Liberty) stage on MLK Blvd.

What else will happen at the One World Day ceremony?

After the Parade of Flags and just before the Naturalization Ceremony several dignitaries such as Mayor Frank Jackson, County Executive Armond Budish, Councilman Kevin Conwell and others will give brief remarks at the main (Liberty) stage on MLK Blvd.

What kind of cultural performances will there be?

There are dozens of performances for every taste. This year, the gardens will host three stages full of performances as well as cultural acts in many of the gardens themselves. From a Dragon Dance to Opera, from aerial acrobatics to a grand piano performance, from dances to yoga, there is something for everyone. Come for a fun filled day of diversity. The latest schedule is at

What kind of vendors will be there?

Many of the Gardens will have food and other items for sale. You will also see famous Cleveland vendors such as Slyman’s Tavern, Rudy’s Strudel and Bakery, The Pierogi Lady, Wok and Roll Food Truck and more. See them all at

What is the Passport Program?

Kids, of all ages, can get a free Passport. They then visit gardens and do an activity to receive a stamp or flag sticker from that garden. Lots of fun!

How do I get to One World Day?

There is convenient freeway access to get to the Gardens. From the East Shoreway (Rte 90 – east or west bound) take the MLK exit. As you are driving, you will see brown Ohio signs on the Shoreway identifying that the Gardens are coming up. Once you exit the freeway you will be on MLK and the first Garden (Albanian Garden with a statue of Mother Teresa) will quickly be on your left. For One World Day there will be special driving and parking instructions because streets will be closed for activities.

Where do I park?

Free parking will be provided at Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center’s Parking lot (South Gate at 1600 E 105th Street) with Free shuttle services to One World Day. See map at

More free parking at Cleveland Metroparks (North Gate at the Gordon Park) within walking distance of One World Day activities. Click,-81.6262224,14.25z/data=!4m2!6m1!1sz4nqGcNH-r_4.kq9OnwQOY4lU?hl=en for the Map to get directions.

More parking information at

The Gardens cover a lot of land – how will I get around?

Special arrangement will be made to provide Garden Tours throughout One World Day where anyone can hop onto one of three Lolly the Trolley slow moving rides. There will be designated stops and while you are riding you will hear a brief summary of the Gardens you are passing. Lolly the Trolley tours start at 1pm and go till 7:00pm. Note – the Trolley tours do not transport to/from parking lots. Visit for more information about the Lolly the Trolley Guided Tours.

What time is One World Day?

One World Day goes from 11am – 7pm on Sunday August 28, 2016. You can download a pdf copy of the beautifully prepared 80-pages program booklet that contains a history of the gardens as well as the event’s schedule, map, community supporters and more.

Are there bathrooms, water, food?

One World Day will have plenty of portable restrooms and food and beverage options. On the map the starred areas indicate vendors. In addition, many of the individual Gardens will be selling food of their heritage.

Who is sponsoring One World Day?

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation puts on One World Day every year. See a list of all the sponsors at

Are there other events in the Gardens besides One World Day?

Yes. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens have many events throughout the year – mostly in the summer months. This includes annual events such as Opera in the Italian Garden, Liszt concert in the Hungarian Garden, Brass bands in the German Garden and more. Others may also have events in the Gardens (weddings, festivals, etc.) But One World Day is special. Keep up to date with the official events of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation by visiting

How can I help support the Cultural Gardens?

Attend events like One World Day, visit the Gardens frequently and tell your friends. You can also become a Friend of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. For $20 per year you can become a Friend of the Gardens and support the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation’s efforts to publicize, restore and maintain the Cultural Gardens. Friends of the Garden receive the bi-monthly newsletter and invitations to events. Visit