A little bit different this year from the past, to provide better interactions with the gardens and enrich visitors’ experience, we will now place performances within their ethnic culture/or assigned gardens that are open to one performing group.

Application to perform is now closed. The schedule is listed below, please see map for location. Click on the map to enlarge

Subject to Change. Updated: 9-10-2018

Special Events

12:00PM – Polish Garden #15Parade of Flags Kick Off

1:00PM   – Syrian Garden #29Welcome & Naturalization Ceremonies


SOUTH END of the Gardens

Chinese Garden #35
11am and 1:30PM – Cleveland Contemporary Chinese Culture Association Chinese Dance and many activities as well as food.

Irish Garden #32
11:00AM – No Strangers Here – Irish Band
2:30PM – Murphy Irish Dancers
3:30PM – Cleveland Ceili Club – Irish Dance Demonstration

Lebanese Garden #36
1:00PM – Music & Entertainment
2:00PM – Belly Dancing
2:30PM – Ajyal Dabke Group
3:30PM – Singing with Special Guest
4:00PM – Live Arts by Artists
4:30PM – Live Entertainment & Dancing

Pakistani Garden #40
2:00PM – Story hour
2:30PM – Sabeen Gill – Music & dance
2:45PM – Folk Dance
3:00PM – Spartan Bhangra

Syrian Garden #29
1:45PM – Ajyal Dabke Group

India Garden #37

11:30AM – Krithika Rajkumar – Bharat Natyam (S Indian) Classical Dance
2:00PM – Spartan Bhangra – Punjabi (N Indian) Folk Dance
2:30PM – Krithika Rajkumar – Bharat Natyam (S Indian) Classical Dance
3:00PM – Sujata Burgess – Interactive Yoga
3:30PM – Spartan Bhangra – Punjabi (N Indian) Folk Dance
4:00PM – Sujata Burgess – Interactive Yoga

Hebrew Garden #28
1:00PM – 4:00PM – Activities

British Garden #25
12:00PM – English Country Dance Cleveland
1:00PM – English Country Dance Cleveland

Croatian Garden #26
3:00PM – Sarena Tamburitza Group

Hungarian Garden Upper #24
12:00PM – Music
1:00PM – Music
2:00PM – Music
3:00PM – Hungarian Dance Demonstration
4:00PM – Music

Ukranian Garden #3
2:00PM – Dayton Qipao Dance Troupe – Traditional Chinese
2:30PM – Ivy Belly Dance
3:00PM – World Qipao United Association of Chinese Dance

Lithuanian Garden #22
2:00PM – Music and Song

Italian Garden #20
1:30PM – Singer accordionist (Lower level)
1:30pm – Italian DJ (Upper level)

Slovak Garden #19
2:30PM – International Students and Songs

Vietnamese Garden #10
11:00AM – Flag Raising Ceremony
2:00PM – Sho-Jo-Ji Japanese Dancers
2:45PM – Vietnamese Fashion Show
3:15PM – Benny Vo – singer, rapper

Russian Garden #7
11:00AM – Children’s Piano Marathon and Talent Show. Students of local piano and vocal teachers perform at the Circle of Fame
1:45 PM – Start of a Flash Mob Singing and Dancing Tarantella
2:00PM – Cuyahoga Cossacks. Russian Folk music at the Circle of Fame
2:30PM – Walk of Fame Trivia and Family Time. Children’s activities at the Circle of Fame and throughout the Garden
3:00PM – Innuendo Rock Band. Russian and American music and dances

Serbian Garden #6
2:00PM – Serbian Fashion Show
2:30PM – Serbian Folklore Group

Turkish Garden #13
2:00PM – Turkish Folk Song & Dance. All ages
4:00PM – Shuvani Dance Company – Belly dance

Slovenian Garden #16
3:00PM – Music and dance demonstration

Romanian Garden #5
2:00PM – Romanian Baptist Church Choir
2:30PM – Romanian Music & Dances
3:00PM – “Razesti” Folk Dancing Group from
St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Cathedral
3:30PM – Romanian Poetry Recital
4:00PM – Romanian Folk Music by George Lates

Czech Garden Upper #17
1:00PM – Garden Dedication

African American Garden #4
2:00PM – Invisible Tongues – African drumming & vocals
4:30PM – Councilman Kevin Conwell and The Footprints

Rusin Garden #18
2:00PM – Rusyn Dancers of  the Living Traditions  Folk  Ensemble