One World Day | The official event of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens since 1946, celebrating 100 years of Peace Through Mutual Understanding.

Hosted by the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation. 11am – 7pm

August 28, 2016 for the 71st Annual One World Day – Presented by Councilman Kevin Conwell, County Councilwoman Yvonne Conwell and in partnership with University Circle, Inc.

A Letter from our President

A Letter from our President

cgp20city-council-seal-300x300-300x300The 2016 One World Day on August 28, 2016 is the 71st Annual One World Day Centennial celebration of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

Since 1945, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens have celebrated One World Day in the Gardens. This annual event reflects the theme of the Gardens: “Peace through Mutual Understanding.”

The annual One World Day, the official event hosted by the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation for the Gardens, it is the highlight of the busy calendar of summer events in the Gardens and the one occasion that all the Gardens get together to celebrate as one. Events include a Parade of Flags, a naturalization ceremony, cultural performances, entertainment, gardens exhibitors, authentic diverse ethnic food, guided Lolly the Trolley Tour through the gardens, Passport to Peace Children Activity and more.

Continuing building from the success of 2015’s 70th annual One World Day with over 10,000 people in attendance. The 71st Annual One World Day – the Centennial Celebration will be produced by  Johnny Wu (Co-Founder of the Cleveland Asian Festival). It is Co-chaired by Dr. Richard Crepage and Svetlana Stolyarova from the Federation.

The 2016 One World Day event is comprised of committees, each chaired by a Committee Coordinator, if you are interested to serve within a committee member and have plenty of time to commit, please consider to join us, email us for more information.

Committee includes:

  • Logistic and Safety Committee, chaired by Asim Datta
  • Volunteer Committee, chaired by Loresa Novy
  • Parking, Signage and Transportation Committee, chaired by Jedediah J. Fabian.
  • Parade  and Ceremony Committee, chaired by Angela Woodson
  • Performance Committee, chaired by Yin Tang
  • Vendor Committee, chaired by Jennifer 
  • Marketing Committee, chaired by Dan Hanson
  • Video/Media Committee, chaired by Stephen Morgan

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