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The Cultural Gardens are located within the City of Cleveland’s Rockefeller Park. The oldest and largest Gardens are along East Blvd. from St. Clair Avenue on the north to Superior Avenue on the south. The later Gardens, and the newest, are along Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd and start just north of St. Clair and continue to Superior Avenue at the southern end. An exception is the Chinese Garden that is also along MLK Jr. Blvd but located half way between Chester Avenue and East 105th, across from the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Wade Park Lagoon.

The Gardens extend roughly 1.5 mils on both MLK and East Blvds, so a complete walk around the Gardens would be 3 miles in length. Driving to the Gardens can be done by exiting I-90/Rt 2 at the MLK Jr. Blvd exit and proceed south along MLK Jr. Blvd. East Blvd is one block east of MLK Jr. Blvd. There are four (4) access roads leading east and up to East Blvd. along MLK Jr. Blvd. Alternatively, MLK Jr.Blvd. intersects with many streets south of Rockefeller Park. Major nearby streets in University Circle are Chester Avenue and Euclid Avenue, to name but a few.


Free parking at Seal_of_the_United_States_Department_of_Veterans_Affairs_(1989-2012).svg...Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center’s metropark-sm-150x150VA Employee Parking lot  with Free shuttle services transporting from VA Parking Lot to Chinese Garden to South of the Gardens at #33 which is the American Leagion peace – Nations Garden). And at Cleveland Metroparks (North Gate at the Gordon Park) at walking distance! Click here for the Map to get directions.

Sev11033617_973648832656057_4574417648217989673_oeral 13-Passengers Golf Carts will be available to transport you throughout the gardens.

NOTE: Lolly the Trolly Guided Tour are NOT for transportation, you can ride one of the Guided Trolley Tour at designated Trolley Spots only.


MetroPark Parking

VA Parking Lot









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Special arrangement will be made to provide Gardens Tour throughout the day where anyone can hop onto several Lolly the Trolley slow moving rides that stops at each designated stops to provide you a brief summary of their history. Lolly The Trolley tours do not transport to/from parking lots. Check out this page for more information about the Lolly the Trolley Guided Tour