APPLICATION HAS CLOSED FOR 2016. (Due to the 100th Anniversary, all gardens will be participating in the celebration, therefore there were only a limited amount of space available for outside exhibitors).

The 71th Annual Cleveland One World Day – Centennial Celebration on August 28, 2016 is the signature event organized by the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation and it is also the official kickoff for the Centennial celebration of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. Since 1946, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation have celebrated One World Day in the Gardens. This annual event reflects the theme of the Gardens: “Peace through Mutual Understanding.”

In addition of having activities/food/drinks available at ALL of the gardens, we have set up some Market Places to accommodate outside vendors to be part of the celebration, here are the list of additional vendors that will be available. Subject to change without notice, the list date is 8/11/2016.

Market Place A (Across from African American Garden)

  • African American Museum of Cleveland
  • Cleveland Furniture Bank
  • Free Range Skin Care
  • Sub Rosa Tea
Market Place B (right around the KeyBank Centennial Main Stage area)

  • KeyBank (next to Main Stage in Federation Tent)
  • Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation (Next to KeyBank Centennial Main Stage)
  • OWD Information Center (#1) (next to Latvian Garden and the street that goes up to Ansel Road)
  • Ariel International Center (across from German Garden)
  • ClevelandPeople.com (across from German Garden)
  • Global Cleveland (across from German Garden)
  • Margaret W Wong & Associates (across from German Garden)
  • The Law Office of Irina Vinogradsky  (across from German Garden)
  • OCA Greater Cleveland (across from German Garden)
  • Cleveland Public Library (across from German Garden next to Slyman’s)
  • Cuyahoga Community College (across from German Garden next to Slyman’s)
  • Slyman’s Tavern (across from German Garden area)
  • SnowBros Shavery (across from German Garden next to Slyman’s)

Market Place C (Across from Irish Garden)

  • Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute
  • East Coast Original Frozen Custard
  • Helping Hands for Honduras
  • Medical Mutual (will be in Irish Garden)
  • Tzu Chi Foundation Cleveland Service Center

Market Place D (Scottish/British Garden area)

  • BARRs Bars, Ltd
  • Global Ambassadors Language Academy
  • Nivi Henna-Artist
  • Storehouse Tea
  • Ten Thousand Villages Cleveland
  • Youth for Understanding USA (YFU USA)

Inside Garden Market Place

  • Airport MINI of Cleveland (British Garden – on East Blvd)
  • Barrio Food truck (Polish/Slovanian Garden – on East Blvd)
  • Stonebrook Montessori (Italian Garden – on East Blvdl)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (Slovenian Garden – on East Blvd)
  • Hofbräuhaus Cleveland – Food (German Garden – on East Blvd)
  • Beer Garden  (German Garden – on East Blvd)
  • India Cafe and Kitchen (India Garden)
  • Niko’s Bar and Gyros (Greek Garden – on East Blvd)
  • Piccadilly Artisan Creamery (British Garden are – on East Blvd)
  • Weber’s Premium Custard & Ice Cream (Russian Garden – on MLK Blvd)

2016 MAP Design_Page_1

Below is a preview of what some on the gardens are doing. All gardens will participating in the Passport To Peace program. More information about that can be found here.


  • The Albanian Community will be welcoming guests at the Albanian Cultural Garden on One World Day August 28. Some Albanians will be in costume. We will be passing out flyers inviting people back for the Canonization of Mother Teresa on Sunday August 4th. More details on that to follow.


  • The Armenian Cultural Garden Committee put into place big plans to generate excitement for the visitors to stop at our Armenian Cultural Garden, enjoy our food, dance to our music, and learn our story. The One World Day parade is getting bigger every year and we will have many community members wearing Armenian colors walking behind the Armenian flag in the Parade of Flags. We will also have Pick-up Stix, the famous stilt walkers who perform at Parade the Circle, to be in our Armenian parade unit! We decided, “Why not be daring in our Armenian Garden performance?” Stop by and join in our garden program at 3:00 pm, Have Fun learning Armenian Circle Dancing! Our very own Naregatsi Armenian Folk Ensemble will perform at 5:30 pm on the Key Bank Centennial Main Stage. You’ll love the Armenian songs and dance they will perform for the world to experience. Enjoy the traditional Armenian food we will be serving all day long. We will have a display of maps of Armenia, artifacts and volunteers to help explain to our visitors, who we are, what our history is.


  • The Czech Garden will have table with info on the garden, participate in the passport program and an opera performance at 3:45pm.


  • The Finnish Garden will display cultural information about Finland and information about the Finnish Heritage Museum in Fairport Harbor, Ohio who are sponsors of the garden. At 2:00pm a Lake County vocal group named “The Stubborn Finns” will perform some Finnish songs in their native tongue. At 4:40pm area classical vocalist Emily Stauch accompanied by digital keyboardist Ben Malkevitch will perform a piece by Jean Sibelius noted Finnish composer.


  • In the Hebrew Cultural Garden on OWD, we are having a family picnic and scavenger hunt from 11am to 12pm. People are asked to bring their own food and the program is targeted to families with young children. There will be a short reading time, probably an arts and craft project, and a scavenger hunt throughout the garden.


  • Authentic Old World Ethnic Food in our Budapest Cafe, Situated in the Upper Terrace of the Hungarian Cultural Garden, Kolbasz Sandwich, Snitzel Sandwich, Budapest Ice Coffee, Hungarian Pastry. Endre Check will be playing an authentic Hungarian Cimbalom during the day in the Budapest Cafe. Art display of Hungarian Artist currently in the Cleveland art museum. Rubic Cube demonstration during the day. Sale of hand made arts and crafts. St Elizabeth Dancers will perform at 2:30 PM St Elizabeth Dancers have been performing in the Hungarian Garden since 1938 when the garden was first dedicated.


  • Take a mini trip to Italy at One World Day Aug. 28 in the beautiful Renaissance Italian Cultural Garden with it’s large fountains modeled after those in Villa Medici in Rome while you eat pizza and homemade Italian biscotti serenaded by the music of Ronnie Fiorentino (5:00 pm lower Italian Garden) singing Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett! Visit the statue Dante Alighieri who wrote the Divine Comedy and gaze on images Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and other Italian cultural greats. That’s Amore!


  • The Lebanese garden will be selling food such as : hommus, baba, Lebanese pies, pita bread, pita chips, also we will be having some Lebanese memorabilia and Lebanese arts. Along with entertainment during the festival.


  • Food: Fresh potato pancakes, bacon buns, tree cake
  • Performances: Lithuanian songs by Eugenijus Dicevicius at 6 pm in the Garden
  • Activities: Will participate in the Passport program
  • Information: Illustrated booklet describing everything in the Garden to be handed out to visitors to the Garden


  • For One World Day 2016, the Rusin garden will have an information table explaining who and where do the Rusyns come from. We use our large historical village map of central Europe which includes the present day countries of Slovakia ,Poland, the Ukraine, Hungary and Romania to show where our ancestors lived. We also provide informational pamphlets which includes a brief history as well as a smaller version of the large map. This year we will display a large poster of wooden churches in Slovakia for which we are well known. Finally we will post simple words and phrases in Rusyn to learn. As for entertainment, the Living Traditions Folk Ensemble will perform in our garden at 3:30 pm.
    Please note that the word “Rusin” has two spellings Rusin and Rusyn. When referring to the garden, the spelling is Rusin, which is written in stone and on the sign. When I refer to the people or nationality, I used the spelling Rusyn. It is NOT a typo.


  • Throughout the day Russian Apple Fair – apples themed pastries, beverages, decorations, face painting, photo sessions, family games, art and craft activities. Russian Blini – Crepes – with different stuffing will be cooked and served throughout the day in the Garden. Apple cutouts come to the Russian Garden along with Matryoshkas – Russian nesting dolls – and Teremok – Russian Fairy house!
    12:15 pm – 1:00 pm Children and Youth Piano Marathon. Class of Dina Khudayberdieva, The Music Settlement School
    1:00 pm – 1:30 pm Cuyahoga Cossacks
    1:30 pm – 2:15 pm Children and Youth Piano Marathon. Class of Nella Kamerman, Nella’s Studio
    2:15 pm – 2:30 pm Dance group; Poetry reading
    2:30 pm -3:15 pm Children and Youth Piano Marathon. Class of Svitlana Ivanova
    3:15 pm – 3:30 pm Poetry reading; Russian Folk Song
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Children and Youth Piano Marathon Finale
    4:30 pm – 6:15 pm Open Piano, Open Guitar and Open Mic . People of all ages are welcome to demonstrate their piano, guitar and singing talents.
    6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Innuendo Band performance.
    All young performers will receive the special diplomas and small prizes.


  • Food/Merchandise: Grilled Pork Sandwiches, Lemongrass Chicken and Pork, Coffee, Tropical Drinks and Water.
  • Displays: Drawing of preliminary plans of the Garden will be on display. We will also have the cyclo (pedicab) on site – it will bring back nostalgic memories of a bygone era in Vietnam.
  • Crafts & Culture: Handicrafts from Vietnam will be on displayed and discussed throughout the day. Passport to Peace activities Traditional music playing through the day and Passport to Peace