A preview of the fun coming up on One World Day (August 23)

On June 30, over 185 people gathered in the German Cultural Garden in Cleveland to celebrate the 99th year of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

They listened to the music of the 24-piece Cleveland Donauschwasbe Blaskapelle (brass band) and heard from speakers such as Honorary German Consul Diana Thimmig, Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli, Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation president Sheila Murphy Crawford and German Garden delegate Hans Kopp.

Then they gathered by the huge Goethe-Schiller monument and holding 99 red balloons sang along as the band played the 1983 hit 99 Luftballons (99 re balloons) by Nena.  What a moment!

Goethe, Schiller and a red balloon

Goethe, Schiller and a red balloon

They then enjoyed traditional German food.

Now multiply the fun had that day by 30 or so and you will see what One World Day on August 23 will be like when all the Cultural Gardens are involved.

Watch a video of the 99 Red Balloons song in the German Cultural Garden.

More photos and video from the 99 Red Balloons event